Are you in charge of your company's marketing or fundraising, and now you're asking 'how do I make sure our voice gets heard? How do we tackle the social media frenzy?' Well, we're here to help. Not only do we help you by producing a great video for your organization, but we stick with you to make sure you didn't just pay for great digital wall art.

Facebook Video Update

We just received an email from Facebook this morning showing how they are changing their video strategy on their site. Take a look at the screenshot. They're giving videos a higher priority (along with Google/YouTube), and allowing you to use Facebook ads to promote video. For a small cost, you can make sure your video appears on your target demographic's timeline. 


Twitter Auto-Play Video Update

It's clear video is quickly becoming a priority for Google/Facebook/Twitter. Twitter also just announced their Twitter Promoted Video campaign. Now ads will start auto-playing videos on their timelines. This is big for companies and orgs. Their research has shown 14% higher recall, 2.5x more likely to prefer autoplay videos, 7x increase in completions of videos watched.

As much as we might all despise some of the negatives that social media brings, it is clear it has become a necessity for businesses to thrive. We've personally seen about 80% of our traffic comes from Facebook and direct campaigns. It's hard to argue with that. The good news is that it's becoming more user friendly. Companies are designing their interfaces to look and feel cleaner, making sure to provide a great user experience.


The last wave we should mention is that mobile usage is on the rise. No surprise there, but with that Google has announced it will make sites that offer mobile-friendly content a higher priority in SEO rankings. You can test your site at


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