Florissant, CO -- I had the great honor of getting to shoot the new Sanborn Western Camps videos along with Jordan Marable who hired me, last Summer (2016). We stayed multiple weeks, capturing footage of all the camp has to offer. The kids do sooooooo many activities during their 4 week stay, so we had to use our time effectively to show off this great place. From daily activities like horseback riding and canoeing to multi-day hikes and climbs to the nearby mountains, these kids covered so much ground. The thumbnail was taken at the top of Mt. Democrat (14,154') with a group from the boys camp.

Here is the main camp video, but Jordan cut several more that now sit on Sanborn's new site. A big thanks to the great people who hosted us especially Elizabeth Rundle Marable and Ariella Rogge, as well as Jane Sanborn! We had a blast filming these!