Title: The Preservation Project

Logline: Disenchanted and struggling to find his place in the food industry, a veteran cheesemonger and chef journeys straight to the source: the growers and makers that first drew him in.

Synopsis: Pat McCroy has worked 10+ years in the food industry as a Chef, Cheesemonger and food buyer in some of the top restaurants and specialty markets in the country. But as he’s excelled in his career, he’s also seen how even the best small food producers struggle to compete with the big guys. The balance of quality, price, and time in today’s American family continues to apply pressure to the slow-food movement. McCroy finally decides to leave his retail job and sets out to see first-hand some of the producers he used to buy from around the Midwest. He gains insight into why these growers and makers still do what they do, knowing the uphill battle they face. As he struggles with whether to stay in the food industry himself, he uses their stories, passion, and wisdom to form his decision making. What he finds surprises him. The Slow Food movement is crucial to our global way of life. It’s anchestoral. It’s also not just about the food itself, but the community and lifestyle around it. As Pat works his way through the country, he sees a parallel between many of the producers. This isn’t just about fighting for sustainable food practices or hippy shit. It’s about preserving our society so that we can pass on our culture from one generation to the next. This is truly what is at stake.