It's been a busy Spring here at BMC. We're slowly emerging from the mountain of footage we shot over the past few months. After officially working in the KC community for over a year, we're excited to start building solid relationships with local leaders, organizations, and businesses. Word travels quickly especially in KC and even faster via video, so every frame of our work is important to us. Although many of our works are private to our clients, we hopefully will be able to share some soon. Hope everyone is doing well, now already 4 months into 2016!


Quick News Update:

One new social media change we wanted our friends to be aware of was on Facebook. They recently announced live video streaming (similar to Periscope). Learn more at Now your followers can see on their wall when you've "gone live" and join in on your event.

In addition, Facebook will add a dedicated Video tab to pages with the product management Director saying,

"'We really believe that the future is going to be more immersive, and video is a big part of that,' said Fidji Simo."

"If you want to see how seriously Facebook is taking video, just take a look at the flagship app on Android and iOS, where the company today begins rolling out a dedicated tab for finding live and archived videos. It’s now the center tab in the app, replacing Messenger."

From the article...

That's all for now. Hope this helps in your endeavors.